If you have access to an exterior light, you can find moths and other nighttime bugs easily. Just turn it on, pop out every half an hour with a flashlight, a phone camera, and see what shows up!

But if you really want to have some fun, set up a dedicated moth light. Yes, it sounds nerdy. Yes, you’ll lose sleep to find insects most people scoff at or irrationally fear. But damn if it isn’t fun, and sort of like a natural treasure hunt. TLDR: Moths, and many other insects, show up to artificial lights. If you hang up a light-colored bedsheet in a backyard, and position a bright lantern (or a UV-light) behind it, insects will land on both sides of the bedsheet (and on any surfaces nearby, most likely), and they’ll often stay put, allowing you to observe and record them. 

You’ve lived alongside such wildlife for your entire life, but you’ve likely never seen most of them, and once you spot a critter that you find especially endearing (it was an Io Moth for me), you’ll be hooked.

A few notes: Make sure your LAMP isn’t touching the sheet or anything flammable; don’t wear light-colored clothing while LAMPING or you too will become a de facto bedsheet, and be aware that bugs might bounce off you now and again. All in all, though, it’s a great excuse to sit outside, enjoy the warm months, and wait for a new-favorite insect to show up.